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“In a sense, to write is a visual act—to put letters on a page, to create lines with a pencil or a pen. There’s a very definite visual moment. The page is a visual field and that’s one of the elements of writing . . . The minute you start to look at what you write, there’s a whole set of visual possibilities that opens up.”  bpNichol, 1987

bpNichol (1987) ‘Visual Poetry’ in ‘Interview with Fred Gaysek’, Artviews Vol.14, No.1. (1987-1988) Toronto, Canada: Visual Arts Ontario, pp.21-23.


The Projectionist’s Playground is a quarterly A5 size zine for innovative and experimental work in photography, montage, art and poetry. Poetry can range from collage, concrete, sound poetry, found poetry, juxtaposition, deconstruction, manipulation, appropriation, to open field, dada or cut-up.

Innovation and experimentation are keywords when applied to the overall concept of The Projectionist’s Playground. Submitted work, whether in categories of photography, montage, art or poetry is scrutinized under the umbrella of editorial review and work is only selected when viewed as meeting approaches and criteria in line with the publication’s aims and philosophy.

Please note that whilst no payment can be made for submitted material because of tight financial operating costs, contributors will nevertheless receive a complimentary copy of the zine in which their work appears.

The publication is edited by Julius Smit and is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.

1 July 2017

Submissions of poetry and visual material are invited for Issue 3 – September 2017. Deadline 31st July 2017. Text as  jpegs, Word or rtf documents. Images preferably as grayscale jpegs at 300dpi.

Material should be sent as an email attachment to the editor (Julius Smit) at:

Alternatively, material can be sent by snail mail to Julius Smit (The Projectionist’s Playground) Flat 5 Greenwich House, 10-12 Chesterfield Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex. BN20 7NU. UK. Please supply an sae.

Julius Smit

1 June 2017

Issue 2 – June 2017 is now available.TPP Issue 2 - group image (1 of 1)

Single issue: £3.00 UK / £4.00 Overseas (includes shipping cost).

Available from the Etsy EyeglassZines shop:

1st March 2017

Issue 1 – March 2017 is now available.

Single issue and annual subscription information:

Single issue: £3.00 UK / £4.00 Overseas (includes shipping cost).

Available from the Etsy EyeglassZines shop:

Annual subscription: £10.00 UK / £14.00 Overseas (includes shipping): Available from the Etsy EyeglassZines shop: